School is in Session!

  • Jun 29, 2024

Did you know that one of the top industries that make purchases in the promotional products industry is education? Think about it! There are so many opportunities in this industry, from colleges all the way down to private and public schools – plus so much more! With so much to choose from, we thought we’d give you a head start. So, we chose some promotional products we think would be perfect for students of any age - and their teachers, too! 


Phantom Backpack 

phantom backpack

Do you have some seriously talented kids at your high school who are going off to do some great things at some great schools? Treat them to something special, and prepare them for college with this backpack!

Custom-Shaped 2D Metal Key Chain

custom shaped metal key chain

We get it - sometimes, when a student first lives away from their parents, they can forget their keys in their dorm. Or maybe you want to congratulate the kids who got their driver's license in your driving class. Whatever the case, this custom-shaped metal key chain is a great gift or giveaway for any student. 

Tucson Notes and Memos Notepad

tuscan notes and memo notebook

Looking for something to welcome your newest college freshmen? Look no further than this high-end notebook. It's the perfect thing to keep them organized and on top of their notes. 

LoveHandle PRO Phone Stand 

lovehandle pro

This little handy phone grip and stand is the perfect study buddy! 

Sidekick Trifold Leather Cord Wrap

leather cord wrap

It doesn't matter if you're a teacher, a student, or school staff - having your cords unorganized can be a huge headache. Give them the gift of organization at any grade level! 

The 48″ Auto-Open Straight Umbrella


Nothing is worse than getting caught in the rain trekking across campus. 

Custom Pen Packs

custom pen pack

The perfect solution for kiddos that forget their pencils, or just to show your school spirit!  

Reusable Bags


reusable bag

Snack time is for everyone! From the little ones in pre-k all the way up to the big ones in college. Keep plastic waste to a minimum with these reusable bags, perfect for storing all the snacks!


Did you find something that you loved? If so, browse through our products on our website for the ultimate in idea generation possibilities. Or, reach out to us today to start your dream promo product project!


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